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Olivia Medlin joined Arcadia Operating, LLC as a Senior Accountant in July of 2021 and now serves as the Accounting Manager. The efforts are paying off. Or between the C.I.A. Nathan currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Dallas Petroleum Club and the Steering . Geology LUNCH SERVICE Monday-Friday 11:00 AM-2:00 . No spam, ever. He was formerly President and Managing Director of EnCap Energy Advisors, LLC, (EnCap Advisors) a wholly-owned subsidiary of El Paso Corp., specializing in providing comprehensive corporate finance advisory services to the energy industry with a focus on the E&P sector. About 65 percent of the members work in the oil industry, with a good number of attorneys, investment bankers, and accountants added into the mix. Eventually they made their way to New York, where brother Sergei was working on the top-secret Manhattan Project with J. Robert Oppenheimer. She has worked since in management for several small businesses as well as had her own consulting firm. He explained that Air Force General Charles Cabell, a Texan (and brother of Dallass mayor), would be in charge of air cover for an invasion, and that Vice President Richard Nixon, whose brief included some national security areas, was the administrations Cuba case officer.. Many of the figures involved in those two entities also showed up on the boards of other influential local groups. Sabotage, one of many OSS skills passed on to the CIA. Born in Toledo, Ohio Andrew Swann, CPL: ngl@dapl.org IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT. Westerman has served on the Board of Directors of J-W Energy Company since 1996. Mr. Westerman previously served as a Director of Vintage Bank, Benedictine College, the Dallas Petroleum Club, the . The program is laced with traditions handed down from the organizations founders and from those all who followed. ken womack. He was here every day.. Several of these men had even sent de Mohrenschildt abroad on business; one could be forgiven for wondering if these trips were in fact what the CIA calls commercial cover. George Brown had dispatched him to Mexico, where his mission seemed to be heading off a Mexican government oil deal with the Soviet deputy premier Anastas Mikoyan, who arrived at the same time. Among the European immigrants who were deeply involved in these operations were Dimitri von and George de Mohrenschildt. He formerly served on the Board of Directors of the Dallas Petroleum Club. In 1950, together with Poppy Bushs old friend and former roommate Eddie Hooker, he launched a modest oil investment firm, Hooker and de Mohrenschildt, with offices in New York, Denver, and Abilene. At this time West Texas was the center of a new boom. David Eyler Vice President. Today, its 47. Dallas Petroleum Club; Dallas, Texas. Whats the trouble? Copyright 2022 Burnett Companies United. Escalantes assertion cannot be easily dismissed: Crichtons role in covert operations, about which extensive new information is provided in chapter 7, was little understood at the time Escalante published his memoirs. Bush and the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Yet by 1950 he was working with his former boss, Pantepec president Warren Smith, on the latters new firm called the Cuban-Venezuelan Oil Voting Trust Company (CVOVT). Members are affectionately referred to as Doctors out of respect for their expertise in the industry and those who are called upon to make a presentation at a regular meeting have the title of Doctor of Rhetorology conveyed upon them by the Board of Directors as a token of appreciation. aapl@dapl.org PUBLICATIONS DIRECTOR. In 1950, an addition was built onto the Baker Hotel, and the club moved back there in 1952. He created the Cuban Task force, with teams in charge of clandestine operations, psychological warfare, and economic and diplomatic pressure. Mr. Montgomery was previously employed as Chief Operating Officer & Director by Aurora Gold Corp., Senior Mine Geologist by Gold Fields Australia Pty Ltd., Senior Mine Geologist by Mount Gibson Mining Ltd., and Senior Mine Geologist by Consolidated Minerals Pty Ltd. Prior to joining Burnett Petroleum, he worked for Kinder Morgan and Denbury as a Senior CO2 EOR Reservoir Engineer managing SACROC, Goldsmith, Heildelberg, and Brookhaven fields. When: Sendero operates and manages oil and gas assets for Mr. Porters affiliated companies and other partners. In recent years, the club has reached out to the younger generation through sliding membership-fee scales, mentoring arrangements, and social events designed to appeal to the under-35 crowd. He started and ran a baffling array of companies, which tended to change names frequently. One of the first events it funded was a nationwide radio address by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, urging Americans to support it. Crichton, who had been hired soon after leaving the military in 1946 by oil industry wunderkind Everett DeGolyer, quickly became a go-to guy for numerous powerful interests seeking a foothold in the energy arena. Its affiliate, the Punta Alegre Sugar Corporation, controlled more than two hundred thousand acres in the province of Camagey. The first annual dinner and dance, marking the formal opening of the DPC, was held Feb. 9, 1935. Enjoy unlimited access to all of our incredible journalism, in print and digital. During his tenure at FBR, Mr. Mitchell completed sell side and buy side M&A assignments with an aggregate transaction value exceeding $900 million. Gold was an intriguing figure. Standard Oil of New Jersey had, according to the article, invested thirty-five million dollars in a Cuban refinery, and other companies had invested comparable sums. He has been a critical member of various A&D groups resulting in $1.7 Billion in transactions primarily in the Gulf Coast Region. Bouhe and Raigorodsky both would befriend de Mohrenschildt and remain in close contact with him during 1962 and 1963. Officials of the firm served on the board of Punta Alegre up to the moment that Castro expropriated this land and even afterward, as the sugar company began moving its remaining assets to the United States. It was a dense web, and its links went to the heart of the intelligence establishment. Terms of Use AML Agreement Business Continuity , Copyright 2020 Mitchell Energy Advisors. 1981-87 Dresser Atlas (Hobbs, N.M. & San Antonio, TX) TIPRO award. jennifer elliott. (The excerpts in Part 6 come from Chapter 5 of the book, and the titles and subtitles have been changed for this publication.). This was apparently a big deal for companies like Stanolind, which had no foreign production at all until it went into Cuba. The Warren Commission knew at least pieces of all this. They each have served on the Board of Petroleum Club of Fort Worth and are active members of the Dallas Petroleum Club, as well as IPAA and the Texas Alliance. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees and Investment Committee of Woodberry Forest School in Virginia. Board of Directors; History; By-Laws; Contact Us; Donate; Meeting Information. The Petroleum Engineer's Club of Dallas (PECD) was founded late in 1940 by a group of professionals who were at that time local members of the Petroleum Division, American Institute of Mining Engineers. DAPL Board Meeting. . The Cuban-Venezuelan Oil Voting Trust story is somewhatinvolved. But those days are gone, Parchment says. Meanwhile, a vastly more ambitious enterprise was afoot in Dallas, where Mallon relocated Dresser Industries in 1950. Membership, still by invitation only, has broadened. 214.521.4900 | info@BurnettUnited.com. And it packs a punch. School Board President 1998-2000. They were drawn together by business interests, an anti-Communist worldview, and participation in a new church they had founded, though many were not religious. Kimi graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a Master of Arts in Organizational Management. Here, in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination in November, is the sixth part of a ten-part series of excerpts from WhoWhatWhy editor Russ Bakers bestseller, Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, Americas Invisible Government and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years. [Read More] He received his undergraduate degree from Southern Methodist University and an undergraduate degree from The University of Sydney. Future Meetings; Previous Meetings; . During her tenure, she reactivated the monthly TIPRO Tuesday Luncheons. Resident of Midland, Texas for 16 years, Professional and Honorary Societies David hankins. Mr. Porter also serves as President of Sendero Energy, Inc., which he co-founded in 2002. Westerman has served on the Board of Directors of J-W Energy Company since 1996. Her father, Mikhail L. Fomenko, had run the Far Eastern Railroad for the Chinese government until it sold the railroad to the Russian Communist government in 1925. In addition, he served on the Board of Directors of ES Xplore, LLC, a privately-held company that has developed electro-seismic technology that directly detects producible hydrocarbons from oil & gas reservoirs. John Barr III. He employed people who would prove to have tantalizing connections. Though now almost completely forgotten, on many days in the mid-1950s, it was one of the four or five most actively traded issues on the American Stock Exchange. Southlake, Texas. He is a holder of the Series 7, Series 24, Series 28, Series 79 and Series 99 securities registrations.Mr. Many of the figures involved in those two entities also showed up on the boards of other influential local groups. Out of these emerged Operation 40, an elite group of Cuban exiles who, after specialized training, were to infiltrate Cuba and deal a mortal blow to the revolution, including the assassination of its principal leaders. The stocks price dropped. In the midst of the East Texas oil boom, born in 1930 when Columbus Marion Dad Joiner struck oil about 120 miles east of Dallas, the city was becoming the financial center for the industry in Texas, and the Petroleum Club would become the exclusive meeting place for those larger-than-life men. Pat and her husband Clyde S. McCall, Jr. are both Explorer Members of TIPRO. Shortly after the assassination, Crichton would become the GOP nominee for governor of Texas in a race against the incumbent John Connally, who had recovered from his wounds of November 22. He appears to have been telling the truth, but Warren Commission counsel Albert E. Jenner Jr. did not find this remarkable fact interesting. Timarron Country Club. Mr. Finks is an active member of the Petroleum Club of Fort Worth, Dallas Petroleum Club, Young Professionals in Energy, Fort Worth Wildcatters, and ADAM Permian. In that role, he led the strategic transformation of the company to industry leading revenue growth, margin expansion and profitability. The man who would be considered the godfather of the migr community was Paul Raigorodsky, a former czarist Russian cavalry officer who had fought against the Red Army. Steve Moran. George de Mohrenschildt developed ties with the most important of them. George de Mohrenschildt moved to Dallas in 1952, established himself as a consulting geologist, and was quickly accepted into the citys ruling elite. In one of many extraordinary coincidences, they claimed to have lived next door to each other yet did not meet until years later. Clyde has held the office of Secretary of the TIPRO Board of Directors, while Pat has been vice-president of the then Region IV (Dallas/Fort Worth). More than a decade earlier, Barnes's first CIA job had been as deputy director of the Psychological Strategy Board, a . At that time, Dallas was still a relatively modest-size city, but growing rapidly. Supporting sound, science-based energy policies at all levels of government, Providing relevant programs to network, learn and engage, Regular communication with members, legislators and the media on priority issues facing Texas oil and gas industry, Supporting the next generation of oil and natural gas industry professionals, Providing data, research and analysis on the oil and natural gas industry to help educate elected officials and the general public. Special member pricing for DBC members: $45, November 5th (Price increases $10 after this date). The trouble is spelled C-a-s-t-r-o. Perhaps the most curious of the Empire Trust figures was Jack Crichton, a longtime company vice president who joined Empire in August 1953 and remained through 1962. Her first job there was as a designer with Nardis Sportswear, which was owned by Bernard L. Benny Gold, a tough-talking Russian-born Jew who had started out as a Brooklyn cabdriver and ended up as a titan of the Dallas fashion scene. In 1958, he went to Yugoslavia on what was said to be business for Mecom whose foundation, the San Jacinto Fund, was later identified as a CIA funding conduit. You can count on it. TBD. By the fall of 1962, when de Mohrenschildt was devoting much of his time to squiring Lee Harvey Oswald, he had gained entre to the crme de la crme of the petroleum world. Prescott Bush noted in a letter around this time that Mallon was well known to Allen Dulles, and has tried to be helpful to him in the CIA, especially in the procurement of individuals to serve in that important agency.. He has 35 years of extensive oil . Mr. McDaniel is a member of the Dallas Wildcat Committee, as well as The Dallas Petroleum Club where he serves on the Board of Directors. Facebook; Twitter; Google; Independent Consulting Geologist. Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientist With 150+ years of combined experience in the domestic oil & gas industry. More than a decade earlier, Barness first CIA job had been as deputy director of the Psychological Strategy Board, a little-known entity that explored everything from the use of psychotropic drugs as truth serum to the possibility of engineering unwitting assassins, i.e., Manchurian candidates. Later, he worked on the successful 1954 operation to overthrow the democratically elected president of Guatemala, Jacobo Arbenz. But youll be lucky if you can get 10 cents a share. He graduated with a BS in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University in 1983 and received an MBA from the University of Dallas in 1991. His career now spans three decades and has seen the volatile nature of the oil & gas industry which has prepared him to effectively operate The McDaniel Company today. Leland Horton. Outside of the industry he has served on The University of Texas Presidents Associates, Baylor Bethesda Board of Directors, Caduceus Society Baylor Health Care System, and the Presidents Council at Dallas Theological Seminary. Stay up to speed on DFWs fast-moving business community with weekly news reports, interviews, and insights. Empire worked hard to protect its foreign investments and especially its stake in the defense contractor General Dynamics. On behalf of prominent interests, he was involved with George de Mohrenschildt in his oil exploration venture in pre-Castro Cuba. But can we count on you? Some accounts have him serving in the OSS, the forerunner of the CIA. Jeannes subsequent secret work in America and that of her brother Sergei may have emerged from that milieu. Over seventy years later the PECD is still regularly meeting for lunch in downtown Dallas, Texas. Before long, he was on the oil and military track, with important assignments in war and peace, including some from powerful figures in the Bush-Dresser orbit. Twenty-one years later, in 1986, the club struck a deal with Trammell Crow to move to the 39th and 40th floors of his newly constructed Texas Commerce Tower at 2200 Ross Avenue (now called Chase Tower). This showed that de Mohrenschildt was no rogue operator or bohemian as Jenner repeatedly sought to characterize him. In passing, de Mohrenschildt mentioned to the Commission that the CVOVT had managed to obtain leases covering nearly half of Cuba. Prior to forming MEA, Mr. Mitchell served as Managing Director and Dallas office head of the Energy Investment Banking Group for Friedman Billings Ramsey (FBR). She currently serves as secretary of the Board of Directors of TIPRO and is a former recipient of the prestigious Mr. Mr. Porter is the founder, President and principal shareholder of Four P Investments, Inc., an oil & gas company established in 1996 that currently has interests in approximately 400 producing properties in five states. He earned his BA degree in Economics from the University of Oklahoma, where he began developing his large network of energy professionals. He joined the powerful Dallas Petroleum Club and became a regular at Council on World Affairs meetings. david morgan. He serves on the board of directors of Career Education Corporation, where he recently served as Chairman, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer. 11:30AM Tue 19 Nov 2019, Central timezone Yet in 1964, after two and a half days of testimony by George de Mohrenschildt and his wife Jeanne, the Commission would conclude that George was essentially an eccentric if well-connected figure whose life encompassed a series of strange coincidences. Ron previously served in senior executive roles at Nike and Kimberly-Clark Corporation. Patricia Dean Boswell McCall attended SMU and graduated from TCU with a major in education and a minor in speech therapy. Monthly meetings attract both members and guests, who share a meal, camaraderie and witness a presentation from a noteworthy author or representative of a company making news in the world of energy. Like all foreign businesses operating in Cuba, it had to work through the dictators American intermediaries, notably the mobster Meyer Lansky, who was de facto representative of American interests on the island. The club set up shop in the Baker Hotel on Commerce Street, after signing a $6,000-a-year lease agreement. Mr. Finks currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Petroleum Club of Fort Worth. While Jeanne designed clothing, her coworker Abraham Zapruder cut the patterns and material. These operated largely below the radar, and fronted for some of North Americas biggest names, including the Bronfmans (Seagrams liquor), the Du Ponts, and the Kuhn-Loeb family of financiers. Mr. Burnett Received a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from The University of Texas at Austin. He crossed a river into Finland in the middle of the night and traveled to New York, where he went to work for the Rockefellers Chase Bank. Kimi Dailey joined Burnett Companies in 2018 as the Organizational Manager. Kade McDonald. A bond was forged by a likeminded group in a casual and lighthearted fraternity type atmosphere where information and good humor could be shared. They each have served on the Board of Petroleum Club of Fort Worth and are active members of the Dallas Petroleum Club, as well as IPAA and the Texas Alliance. One was the Texas chapter of the Crusade for Freedom, a private conduit for laundered money to be sent to freedom fighters.. In 1951, Mallon launched the Dallas Council on World Affairs. George de Mohrenschildt, who always seemed to move at the behest of people of higher rank than himself, turned to Cuba. He joined the powerful Dallas Petroleum Club and became a regular at Council on World Affairs meetings. For Part 1, please go here; Part 2, here; Part 3, here; Part 4, here; Part 5, here;Part 6, here; Part 7, here; Part 8, here; Part 9, here; Part 10, here. Neil Mallon had a direct pipeline to Allen Dulles. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. In 1953 Jeanne and Robert joined the Russian elites move to Dallas. The article cited petroleum industry sources speculating that nationalization of the refining industry was soon to come. Directors and Officers of Penson Worldwide, Flowserve, Key Energy, Affiliated Computer Systems, and other major corporations. Members of the Texas Crusade for Freedom would become a whos who of Texans connected to the events surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. A decade later, Zapruder, by then the owner of his own company, would become world famous for his breathtaking home-movie footage of the Kennedy assassination. Kimi has over 20 years experience in Human Resources, office management and business ownership across multiple industries. In March 1960, the Eisenhower administration signed off on a plan to equip and train Cuban exiles, and drills soon began in Florida and Guatemala. Attracting a younger demographic is key to the clubs future, says current president E. Murphy Markham IV, a partner at EnCap Investments LP. Board of Directors. 2020-2021 DAPL Board of Directors (continued) NGL DIRECTOR. That story was summed up neatly in William A. Doyles syndicated advice column, The Daily Investor, on August 14, 1961: Q. I bought some shares of Cuban-Venezuelan Oil Voting Trust a couple ofyears ago. He is also a member of RLJ Equity Partners, a middle market private equity firm. Under this umbrella, Mallon brought together many of Dallass most powerful citizens, from oilmen and titans of the burgeoning military-contracting industry to German scientists who had fled the wreckage of Hitlers Germany to help fashion weapons against the Communist threat. June 01, 2022 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM. James began his career in the field as a Landman in Oklahoma and Arkansas. To register for this event, please click here. He is also a graduate of Southwestern Graduate School of Banking at Southern Methodist University. tintern grammar vs yarra valley grammar, major hochstetter quotes,

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